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Techtronic Industries North America Commits to GREEN Oil Product Partnership with Green Earth Technologies and Leading Home Center Chain

ANDERSON, S.C. & STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Techtronic Industries North America, Inc. (OTC:TTNDY), manufacturer of Ryobi and Homelite brand outdoor power equipment, in partnership with Green Earth Technologies (Pink Sheets:GETG), of Stamford, CT, have teamed up with a leading Home Center chain to introduce two new 2-cycle engine G-OIL mixes; plus a bar and chain oil lubricant that are 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe. Said Lee Sowell, President of Techtronics Outdoor Division; These are the first 2-cycle Green Oil products that perform better than or equal to synthetic oils, yet maintain higher engine performance and a cleaner engine when operating.

In comparison to other Bio or Organic oils the G-Eco Oil is the only bio-based oil that provides superior lubricity naturally, over conventional oils. G-OIL delivers superior performance, is safe for the environment, safe for your home and is made in the U.S.A.

Though some synthetic oil manufacturers claim biodegradable, those oils do not achieve the same level of biodegradability, which is why G-OIL is rated Ultimate Biodegradable by ASTM standards and easily biodegrades within 28 days. Users of these new, competitively priced oils, which can be used in all domestic 2-cycle engines, will have up to 150 times less ash content, which equates to less exhaust particulates and a cleaner engine.

The new Green Oil products join a host of other superior performing, totally green products from Green Earth Technologies. All are made with American-grown based oils get the facts that utilize the powers of nanotechnology to deliver environmentally friendly products with no compromise, as the Companys motto states, Save the Earth Sacrifice Nothing.

Jeff Marshall, President and CEO of Green Earth Technologies, says, Green Earth is excited to announce its newest partnership with TTI. Its a win-win relationship with extraordinary growth potential. This is a major turning point for Green Earths position in the marketplace, and a huge acceleration of Techtronics green initiatives.

G-OIL meets American Petroleum Institute (API) requirements for TC Rating for performance and engine protection. Test results showed that G-OIL met or exceeded the allowed tolerance of a benchmark reference oil on key performance criteria. For more information, visit www.getg.com.


Green Earth Technologies produces G-Branded superior performing totally green products made with American-grown base oils. The G-Brand family of products include G-Oil, G-Wash, G-Glass, G-Scent, G-Wheel, and G-Tire, and are offered in a wide range of automotive categories including performance & appearance chemicals. Please visit www.GetG.com for the latest news and in-depth information about G.E.T. and its brands.


Under the brand names RYOBI and Homelite, TTI manufactures a full line of hand held gas and electric powered outdoor power equipment, including grass and weed trimmers, blowers, chain saws, hedge trimmers, attachments and accessories. Based in Anderson, South Carolina, TTI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Techtronic Industries Company Limited, a Hong Kong Company (HK = 669, ADR = TTNDY).

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Business For Sale; 07 -- Agricultural Services; LAWN BIZ RESIDENTIAL.

LAWN BIZ WITH EXCELLENT FINANCIALS. (Use Quickbooks). Employees on

the books. (Use a payroll service) 60 residential accounts and 7

commercial accounts. Winter Garden & Apopka area. Ford F-150 Truck,

trailer, mower, edger, weed wacker and blower included. Gross & Adj.

Net stated, does not include extra work such as sodding, mulching,

replanting etc. (Add another $30k). E2 VISA APPLICANTS WELCOME.

Selling Price: $159,995 Gross Annual Sales: $120,000 Region:

Southeast (AR LA TN MS AL GA FL) Listing #:51718 (B) [To receive the

contact name for this listing, reference the five-digit number which

follows each listing and e-mail to FirstList, mergers@firstlist.com.

FirstList will forward the contact pertaining to the principal or

intermediary representing the business for sale in order to obtain

additional information.]

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Nine Ways Of Lowering The Cost Of Car Ownership

Why look at a steamer for bed bugs? Actually there are a number of good reasons to take into account this method. Traci is still the first from TNA's women to be featured naked for Playboy. It is in simple fact a semi-formal event that consists of the dance together with other activities, that's a lot less formal than proms. Since time immemorial, right from the dawn of human civilization, the Sun continues to be rightly worshiped as a way to obtain energy, life, and hope.

2] Pick-Up Squat: Stand straight with dumbbells in your practical both sides. Fashion starts anywhere, so even when the only real piece you pays for from a particular designer today is a lovely couple of heels, than start there. Pick a weight that is easy and light-weight enough so you can perform several reps. You've probably heard around the news that Red 40 is definitively linked for the start of ADHD or Attention Deficit Disorder in children. I had plenty of gluten-free graham crumbs leftover after I made

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Are Protein Powders Great For You?

Nutritious and Protein-PackedI try to get towards the gym at least three times a week. The optimum grass fed whey protein supplement are formulated from whey protein which includes been ascertained for the most smooth type of protein that can be ingested smoothly also it incorporates no cholesterin. Despite this new development everybody is at a loss if this comes to keeping a substantial amount of protein within their diets at exactly the same time which they increase their intake of vegetables. So having these protein shakes can save you against skipping your diet due to time. High protein dietary plan is greatly encouraged for those that want to burn fats but gain in mass as well.

Protein Powder. Isn't looking young so long as possible every woman's dream?Protein Diet - Starting Point Towards HealthConsidering every one of the benefits that people get from protein, it becomes obvious that well-balanced protein diet can do much good to any person. Make a Healthy Protein Shake If you are still seeking the convenience of your protein shake, because you are working out or experiencing a heavy training and you require lots of protein, try taking homemade shakes, instead of buying protein powder or depending on ready-made shakes or any other supplements which may have lots of side effects, numerous studies have shown that protein powders even contain heavy metals. Hemp- seed protein is again a really easily digestible form of protein and hemp oil is considered very rich in most forms of amino acids and essential fatty acids, very important to our immune system.

Finally, though many individuals use protein to assist them bulk up, powders can be utilized to help aid weight loss. Only when all the essential amino acids are available go to this website can your body grow muscles. Both of these kind of protein with give you all of the different forms of protein which you will need. . People who have strict workout routines are a lot more prone to benefit from the extra protein powders enable people to take in.

It is a lot more okay in the wedding the whey protein you might be using is merely perfect in flavor. . It can be bought for very cheap prices online at netnutri. Nowadays protein powder is provided in assorted forms with any number of ingredients.

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Best Protein Powder For Six Pack Abs

The advantages of whey protein powder:. Afterglow rapidly gets you using this position by flooding our bodies with nutrients that trigger the repair and rebuild mechanisms within the body. Afterglow rapidly gets you out of look these up this position by flooding the body with nutrients that trigger the repair and rebuild mechanisms within the body. After exercise the body is in the state of breaking muscle tissue down and its energy reserves within muscle tissue as well as the liver are extremely much reduced. High protein dietary plan is greatly encouraged for those that want to burn fats but grow in mass as well.

Amazon Price: $845 $591. Remember, you are not drinking them for the taste, you're drinking them for your results. It may be the foundations of your body. It's great to know that even if you certainly are a vegetarian or vegan and can't eat meats, you can still build muscle and get all of your required protein.

It also contains bioactive microfractions including Glycomacropeptides (GMP), a-lactalbumin, b-Lactoglobulin, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase. Since there's a wide selection of protein purities and tastes, additionally, it signifies that a wide selection of prices for the products are incredibly much available. wheyproteinchocolate. Nutritional Profile.

It can be also a fantastic way for kids as well to get their essential vitamins and protein. When you might be attempting to build muscle, it is important which you consume the best amount of calories every day. Using hormones to increase muscle tissue is now pretty much discourage because it may cause serious complications. In this case, whey protein may be